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Welcome to my website and thanks for stopping by!!

In case you don’t know me, my name is Luci. And life is pretty crazy most of the time! We have three young girls who keep us busy every second of the day, and they were my main motivator when stepping into the wholefoods game. A few years ago my father in law passed away suddenly from a heart attack, and this jolted me out of my comfort zone. We were pretty healthy (or so I thought back then…) consuming skim milk, low fat marg and munching on weight watchers bars.

The numbers, the preservatives, the colours, the oils…..SO MANY REASONS why food that is marketed to our families is NOT REAL FOOD.

It’s been a long journey so far, one that is a long way from over. If you’ll join me, you can see that cooking from scratch isn’t that hard…and man is it worth it in the long run.

I’m not for fads, I’m nothing fancy. I’m just a mum, who loves to cook and share with you all. The food you’ll find here and on my facebook page are simple, real food meals that I cook for my family….often one handed holding a toddler!! 😉

I’m a breastfeeding, cloth nappy using, wholefood mumma who is always up for a chat (and a cuppa if you’re local!). Swing by the facebook page and send me a message if you need something.

I hope you can find what you are looking for, and so glad to have you here. xx

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