Chocolate bavarian (grain free, egg free)

This dessert stirs up such fond memories of my childhood. It was a pleasure to recreate my healthier version, and share with a family of my own. I love to serve this semi-frozen, allowing the mousse centre to slightly soften but still maintain the nice firm cream top. The mousse is delightfully smooth and rich, it’s heaven really.

This really is such a special dessert, and much healthier than the store bought alternatives! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do.



100g raw cashews
50 g dates
50g coconut shredded
1tbsp coconut oil or butter
pinch salt

Blitz in a food processor until it forms a sticky crumb (speed 7/8, 30-60seconds). Press to form the base in a lightly greased spring form pan. Set aside.

Chocolate mousse filling:

150g 70% or higher dark chocolate
1/2 cup milk
1tsp gelatin + 1tbsp cold water + 1 tbsp boiling water
300ml cream
1tbsp granulated stevia

Soften gelatin with the 1 tbsp cold water for a minute or so, then add 1tbsp boiling water and stir till gelatin is fully dissolved and set aside. In your TMX/Bellini (or over a double boiler) melt together chocolate and milk (speed 2, 50 degrees, 2-3min). In the last 20 seconds or so, pour in the dissolved gelatin mixture into the chocolate and allow to mix till combined. Set aside to cool while continuing. With your butterfly attachment (or standard beaters) whip cream and granulated stevia to a soft finish (speed 4, 40-60 seconds, I don’t bother cleaning the bowl from the chocolate in the previous process). Gently fold the cream and chocolate mixtures together. Pour over base and refrigerate for at least a few hours (overnight is even better).


Cream top:

200ml cream
cacao powder for sprinkling

Whip cream till light and fluffy (speed 4, 40-60seconds, butterfly) and spread over the chocolate filling gently with a spatula. Sprinkle with cacao powder.

Refrigerate until ready to serve, or personally I like this semi frozen allowing the cream top to go firm.

Enjoy. x


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