Coco-nutty chocolate

Good fats for a sweet treat!


120g unsalted butter
120g coconut oil
60g natvia or coconut sugar
2 heaped tbsp cacao powder
2 handfuls coconut flakes
2 handfuls slivered almonds
Pinch salt

Melt the butter, oil, cacao and sugar together (speed 2, 90 degrees, 4 minutes). Then add in coconut flakes, almonds and salt and mix well (speed 3, 30 seconds). Pour into square Pyrex dish and let cool then refrigerate or freeze till solid. Break into chunks and devour. I store mine in a container in the freezer….not that it lasts that long!!

This is a great little treat for after a meal, the dose of good fats will help keep you satisfied for longer. Try different fruit and nut variations and let me know!!

Enjoy. X


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