Creamy pressure cooker chicken and vegetables


If I havent told you already, I absolutely LOVE my pressure cooker. Last year sometime I killed my slow cooker, so it was replaced with this….and it is fabulous!! Perfect for my often chaotic and disorganised sleep deprived mind, you can get nutritious meals in the blink of an eye. Mine has the capability to brown, simmer and pressure cook all in one, so it means only one dirty pot to wash….brilliant!! What’s even better though, cooking soups or dishes like this with bone in cuts of meat, you are getting the glorious nutrients from the bones (it’s like super efficient bone broth and cooking all in one) in so much less time than other methods, you’ll notice this because it will “gel” up quite firm in the fridge. If you don’t have a pressure cooker, this will work equally well in the slow cooker, stove or even covered in a low oven.

1kg chicken drumsticks (or a whole small chook)
1 leek, green removed and sliced finely
6 cloves garlic
2Tbsp butter
3/4 cup water
2tsp dried parsley
1tsp sea salt
125g cream cheese, cubed and room temp
150g cheese, grated
2Tbsp spelt flour (or arrowroot) + 2Tbsp water

Over med-high heat, brown chicken drumsticks in the butter for a couple of minutes.

Add in garlic and leek and allow to soften.

Pour in water, salt and parsley.

Close lid of pressure cooker and set to high pressure for 30 minutes.

Once time has finished, release pressure and remove drumsticks to a plate and flake chicken meat away from the bone.

Add cream cheese and flour paste to the broth and allow to mix together and thicken over a simmer temperature.

Return chicken to the pot and allow to heat through.

Add cheese in at the very end and allow to melt, do not allow it to boil once the cheese is in!

Serve over steamed vegetables and top with buttery mash potato.

Enjoy x


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