Cultured (kefir) vanilla ice cream

Today was a scorcher here! The kids were hanging for a swim, so to kick them off with a good dose of energy we made up some kefir cream ice cream. So lush!

IMG_4693 Served here with my sourdough chocolate cake!

To make the kefir cream you need to combine some milk kefir with pure cream and let sit at room temperature for roughly 24hrs (maybe more in the colder weather). That’s it! You are left with heavenly, rich, slightly tart, probiotic rich cream! Wonderful wonderful wonderful stuff.

Did I mention my love of milk kefir?! This has to be one of THE easiest ways to get some fab probiotics into your family. It blows me away how easy it is. We use it every day in smoothies and I’m about to venture into making some kefir cheese as well. I find my time hard pressed as it is, so if you are time poor like me then maybe milk kefir is the go? It literally takes less than 5 minutes at the end of each day to strain and pour in fresh milk.

To this recipe I would add an egg yolk or two if possible. At this point in time, our youngest has an egg white senstivity that we need to be careful with, so I opted not to use any egg.

600ml kefir cream
150ml milk/milk kefir
1/4 cup dark brown muscovado/rapadura/coconut sugar
1/4 tsp stevia leaf powder (green)
1/2 tsp vanilla powder
pinch salt

Whisk it all together until sugar is dissolved and churn in an icecream maker. It’s that easy.

Enjoy. x

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