Let’s begin 2015 with a vow….

…to ditch the fads and trends and embrace our health full swing.

The guilt surrounding food tires me. I’m tired of the abundance of knowledge that is accessible to be used to “prove” one set of beliefs. At what point did our view of food and health become disordered? Was it in our teen years? Even before then? How can I as a mother ensure my girls don’t have a disordered view of food and health, rollercoasting from shakes, carb counting, pills, exercise obsession?

It’s been a long journey for me to get to a point of thoroughly accepting food for what it is, ditching the guilt and healing myself of any mental hangups surrounding it all. I don’t exactly know when it happened, but I just know that I was becoming slowly dissatisfied feeling like I was at the mercy of certain foods, that there was no way “I could eat that” and it not go straight to fat on my hips. I’ve been at points of obsessing over calorie budgets and restricting carbs throughout the years. We are told that “sugar is poison”…and no I don’t mean the white powdered stuff used for baking….we are being infiltrated by experts who tell us the sugar in fruits and honey are killing you. There are messages out there that grains, beans and legumes don’t belong in a healthy diet (it’s all about taking time to prepare them properly!). These kinds of messages easily mess with your head, playing havoc with guilt and feeling like you are eating “unclean” by eating and *gasp* enjoying these foods.

In this past year I’ve basically washed my hands of every kind of group or regime that surrounds one with limiting certain foods groups. I can’t handle phrases like “falling off the wagon”, or people telling me that those beans in your food are bad for you. If you want to indulge in a fancy dessert, eat rice with dinner, bake a loaf of bread, or enjoy a massive fruit salad then do it, and OWN it. Enjoy every single mouthful, savour it all, and then move on. It’s these feelings of guilt and failure that cause us to end up face down in a block of chocolate. No, I don’t eat cake every day. If we have a special occasion, and we bake the cake….you can bet your life I’m going to enjoy a slice and not feel one ounce guilty about it.

My vow is to live by example to my children. They see mum eat good, homemade food in a balanced way. They see mum move and exercise to stay strong. We have discussions frequently about moderation, and understanding why certain foods are very tasty but need to be limited. We stopped buying juice, soft drink, chips, bars, packaged food many years ago, and have never looked back. We bake our bread, cut our veggies, eat fresh fruits and even bake the occasional sweet treat. We prepare with love and we enjoy with love. Guilt free. Care to join me?

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