Paleo pikelets/ paleo pancakes (grain free, sugar free, gluten free)

There is something so good about having pikelets topped with fresh cream and strawberries, lemon curd, butter, jam….oh the list goes on. I have tried many a paleo pikelet recipe, but have always been left so disappointed. Too hard to flip, too gritty, overpowering flavour, doesn’t hold together well with toppings…the list goes on. So, I took it into my own hands to experiment. After working with the different flours for a while now, I am fairly confident with my liquid/flour/egg ratios, and these turned out beyond even my expectations.


And they pass the most critical testers….the toddlers.

If you are grain free, gluten free, paleo then this is definitely a recipe to have in your file!!

1/2 cup almond flour
1/2 cup tapioca flour
2 Tbsp coconut flour
2/3 cup milk (dairy or non dairy such as coconut milk or almond milk)
2 tsp gf baking powder
2 eggs
1tsp vinegar (to help the baking powder, you won’t taste it!)
optional 1 Tbsp honey
Pinch salt

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, gently combine with a fork and then whisk for a minute or two until combined into a smooth batter. If it looks too runny, give it a few minutes standing, as coconut flour REALLY absorbs liquids….like….huge amounts. After waiting a few minutes, you should have the perfect consistency to make small pikelets, or even big pancakes with this mixture. If you wanted thinner crepes, just add a touch more milk. Heat non-stick pan over medium/low heat, add in a small amount of ghee or coconut oil…things always taste better when fried in some good fat. Spoon tablespoons full of mixture into the pan, wait for pikelets to start to bubble a bit, flip, cook for another minute or so and serve. These behave almost IDENTICAL to wheat flour pikelets, which blows me away, no messy flipping and not taking forever to cook. Light, fluffy morsels ready to be eaten as is or topped with some delicious toppings (we had home made choc-hazelnut spread with a dollop of double cream!)



  1. Sarah says

    Love, love this recipe! First grain free pancake we’ve made that has been fluffy and light and so easy to whip up in a hurry! Definitely our go to pancake recipe now 🙂

  2. says

    Just wondering if you’ve ever made these nut free? And if so what the quantities of the other flours were. I’d love to make some for school and they need to be nut free.

    I make a tortilla with coconut flour and tapioca and also a pizza dough. Tapioca and coconut flour is my fav GF combo. They seem to work quite well together.



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