Simple chocolate mousse

There are so many varieties of chocolate mousse floating around, some with avocado and banana, some with coconut cream, some with raw eggs….but I just wanted to keep this simple. For a dairy free option, chilled coconut cream with the watery bit drained will work too. My 4 year old *may* have eaten 3 little cups of this when she got home from preschool today. Needless to say, it is good.

I personally kept it sugar free using granulated stevia which is 10 times the sweetness of regular sugar, so I used 4g. You can find it here.


Serves 8

500ml cream
40g sweetener (coconut sugar, natvia, rapadura, stevia granulated/drops equiv)
150g 70% or higher dark chocolate
1/2 cup milk
50g coconut oil
1/2tsp mint essence (optional!)

In your bellini/tmx combine milk, coconut oil and broken up chocolate and melt till smooth and combined (50 degrees, speed 2, 2 minutes), or over a double boiler. Once smooth, set aside in a medium bowl to cool slightly while doing the rest. Combine sweetener and cream and whip till thick and airy (MC off, speed 3/4, 30-60 seconds, butterfly). Fold the chocolate mixture and cream mixture together gently till fully combined. Pipe (or just spoon) into individual cups/ramekins and refrigerate till ready to serve.

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