The food stress epidemic

Who can identify? You log onto facebook and your news feed is chock full of nutrition/food bloggers. You scroll down the news feed and there’s people sharing bits and pieces of recipes and status updates of everything you need to know about a whole foods lifestyle.

A friend and I were laughing together yesterday about how damn easy it is to get overwhelmed with everything you should be doing, and also feel so guilty about the things you’re not doing. It’s so easy to lose sight of what really is important! It’s probably greatly got to do with my current stage of life with lots of young kids, but I think some of you might identify.

You have your kombucha fermenting, but know you need to be brewing water kefir, milk kefir, coconut kefir, green tea kombucha to be getting the full round of probitics.

You have a sour dough starter, but find so little time in the day that it’s sitting in the fridge going mouldy and you just end up buying Woolies bread.

Gasp. You shop at a supermarket.

You buy your butter, even though it’s so easy (apparently) to make it yourself.

You tried sauerkraut but the kids thought it too funky, so it too, went mouldy. So you haven’t braved the rest of the fermented vegetables world, even though you KNOW it’s important.

You eat nuts that haven’t been activated. Not to mention the fact you don’t soak your almond/coconut flour either.

You occasionally remember to soak your quinoa/rice, but sometimes it just doesnt happen.

You’ve tried to eat a tablespoon of coconut oil before each meal just like Miranda Kerr, however it made you vomit….not to mention not having 15 minutes of “no talking” time each morning to calmly do some oil pulling.

You know lemon water is the best start to the day, but sometimes it’s straight to the coffee.

You like the idea of sprouting your buckwheat, dehydrating and grinding to a flour…you like the idea….

Grinding organ meats into your bolognese is always on your mind.

And then you get to a point where everything is so overwhelming, you feel so stressed about your million different things fermenting/soaking/dehydrating….you end up ordering a pizza. What is the effect of stress on your body? It’s NOT positive.

So if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed with the intricacies of living the perfect wholefoods lifestyle, just dial it back. Bring it back to the time where it was just about enjoying food that you made from scratch. Break it down to the fundamentals of using as much pure and fresh ingredients as possible and try to just chill out. Ditching as many packets, numbers and rancid vegetable oils is a heck of a good position to be in.


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