Wholemeal sourdough tortillas

If I can impress upon you one thing, it’s that these tortillas are SOFT! They are pliable and just down right delicious. Next time you’re in the shops, have a look at your popular tortillas and check out the ingredients list. YIKES! These tortillas are simple, quick and great to stash in your freezer ready for whenever they are needed. For the cooking portion, aim to have 15-20 minutes of undisturbed time to focus and keep your speed up. I may or may not have given my 13month old a box of tissues to entertain herself while I was cooking a batch the other day!! ;-P


300g wholemeal flour
100g sourdough starter
60g butter
180g liquid (I use about 50g whey and 130g milk…this adds to the softness. Water will be ok, but I do believe its the whey and milk that really hit them out of the park with texture)
1tsp salt

Using about 2/3 of the flour (reserving the rest for as you knead), mix together all ingredients and let sit for 20 minutes or so to hydrate the flour. After this time has passed, knead dough with a dough hook (or by hand) for 5-10 minutes, adding the reserved flour as needed to ensure the dough is still very soft, but not sticky. Set the dough aside in a  bowl covered with a damp tea towel in a warm spot for 7-12 hours. It will double in size, however that’s really not what we are after here, we are more interested in the antinutrient breakdown properties of the fermentation.
After the soaking time has passed, heat a large stainless steel frying pan over med-high heat. You don’t need any oil in the pan at all. Grab a bit smaller than a golf-ball size portion of dough, and using a rolling pin and well floured surface roll out to be paper thin (let me stress that!! As thin as you can absolutely get them). It doesn’t matter if they are not perfect circles, with time your technique should improve. Even mine aren’t perfect circles most of the time! Cook for 10-20 seconds (while rolling the next tortilla out) until bubbles start to appear, flip and continue to cook another 20 seconds or so. If they cook nice and fast, they will stay soft. Too slow and they will go crispy and have a tendancy to crack. You kind of get a production line happening with roll, cook, roll, flip, roll, cook, roll, flip etc. Have a plate handy with a tea towel to cover cooked tortillas, keeping them warm and soft. Depending on their size, you can get anything from 12-20 tortillas with this amount of dough.

You can see here we enjoyed them with savoury mince, cheese, avocado and cultured kefir cream!

Enjoy x


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