Wholesome oreo-style cookies (grain free)

Store bought cookies and treats are generally filled with so much RUBBISH! Why buy them, when you can make your own? These were super quick to make up, and the it was a battle to stop the kids eating all the cookies before they were filled.


Makes 10 oreos (20 cookies)

150g (5oz) almond flour
30g (1oz) arrowroot starch
30g (1oz) rice malt syrup/honey
30g (1oz) coconut sugar
30g (1oz) raw cacao powder
1 egg
80g (2.5oz) unsalted butter/coconut oil
1/4tsp vanilla powder (1/2 tsp extract)
pinch pink salt

Process butter until creamy (speed 5 30 seconds) and add all other ingredients and process till combined well (speed 5/6 30 seconds). Put dough into fridge for 20minutes to make it more workable.

Preheat oven to 150 (300F) degrees fan forced and line 2 baking trays with baking paper.

Using clean hands make cookies by forming small balls (roughly 2cm diameter) and gently pressing them flat with the palm of your hand onto the baking paper lined tray. You want roughly uniform sizing and thickness so that filling them is easy. (A bit rustic doesnt bother us though!!) Bake in the oven for 12- 15minutes (careful not to let get too brown) and then let cool on a wire rack. While cooling, make up filling.


60g (2oz) full fat cream cheese
40g (1.5oz) thickened cream
20g (0.75oz) coconut sugar

Process ingredients until sugar has dissolved and is smooth and creamy. Once cookies are fully cooled, spoon a small amount onto one and sandwich together with a second cookie, probably 1-2tsp worth per sandwich. The filling is so tasty, licking the bowl won’t be a problem! Dont go overboard, unless you want a face full of oozy lush creaminess (if you were at our place, you could be free to do that!).

Refrigerate until ready to serve.

For a dairy free filling, you can use coconut cream and coconut butter/manna together with some coconut sugar/honey and that would work well too.



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